The State Room | Salt Lake City, Utah | Live Music Venue - Hectic Hobo Album Release
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Hectic Hobo Album Release

Hectic Hobo Album Release

June 02, 2017 9:00 pm

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with special guest Quiet Oaks

Doors 8 pm | Show 9 pm

Died On The 4th Of July is Hectic Hobo's 4th full-length album. A strong mix of marching anthems, rocked-out folk songs, gentle travelogues, and old witchy backwoods darkness, Died On The 4th Of July brings to master form the style that Hectic Hobo has been building towards for the last 8 years. 

Each ticket purchase comes with a copy of the album!



Hectic Hobo



Hectic Hobo full bio

"It's been a long time coming," says singer Hasen Cone as he closes one eye and picks a ball of air out of the sky as if he's plucking fruit from a tree. "We've been building this sound with wood and bone for so many years, but now we've added flesh, meat, and our new songs are full ... they are real people instead of anatomy lab test skeletons."

On the eve of the release of their fourth full-length record and upcoming European tour, an air of professional confidence and wisdom swirls around the guys in Hectic Hobo. They have become masters of their own creation. The wild west gypsy boys from Salt Lake City have grown from bandits to sheriffs and command their Americana whisky rock like they are laying down some serious law.