The State Room | Salt Lake City, Utah | Live Music Venue - Noah Kahan - SOLD OUT
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Noah Kahan - SOLD OUT

Noah Kahan - SOLD OUT

October 23, 2018 8:00 pm

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with special guest Dean Lewis

Doors 7 pm | Show 8 pm

The smaller the town, the bigger the story…

Good luck finding cell service in singer-songwriter Noah Kahan’s tiny hometown of Strafford,

Reception is nearly non-existent, but that doesn’t seem to bother the 1,000 residents that call this peaceful countryside hamlet home. The town’s sentiment of relishing in isolation is evident at the Kahan household, a 133 acre tree farm at the end of a steep dirt road, nestled in the rolling Vermont hills. The weather is harsh at times, idyllic at others, and a constant exercise in extremes. The seclusion provokes imagination but also imposes an earnestness that's rooted in Noah’s music and perspective.

Of his songwriting and his surroundings, Kahan explains “My music plays on an introspective space. I've learned about the realities of being in the real world but being in the countryside holds a lot of nostalgia for me. I try to capture that. I’m just telling stories while being heartfelt.