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Venue Specs

The State Room has a world class sound system and comfortably sized stage, a perfect setting for rocking a righteous crowd. If you have any further technical questions please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Stage Specs

32" high, 40 feet wide and 20-25 feet deep wall to wall. Stage curtains center stage left and right that close off the edges for a more intimate setting. Plywood tongue and groove deck with black stain.

Audio Specs

FOH Console: Yamaha M7CL-48 digital mixing console. MONS are run from FOH
Mains: 2 Electro Voice EVF vertical arrays with: 2 EVF-1152's & 1 EVF-1151 per side. 1000 Watts per box (EV CPS amplification)

Center Fills: 2- EV XI-1082

Subs: 4 EV Qrx218s Dual 18" Subwoofers, 2 per side 1200 Watts per box (EV CPS amplification)

Monitors: 6 EV Tour X series TX1152FM 15" floor wedges, 6 Separate channels of amplification, 500 watts per Mix, 1 EV ELX 118 drum sub

Control: EV NetMax N8000-1500. System wide monitoring and control of all aspects of House & Monitor systems

Microphone Package

(3) EV PL80, (2) Sennheiser E935, (2) Sennheiser E945, (3) Sennheiser E604, (2) Sennheiser E609, (2) Sennheiser E914, (5) Shure sm58, (3) Shure sm57

DI/other: (3) Whirlwind IMP2 mono direct box , (1)Radial ProD2 Stereo direct box

Lighting Specs

Leprechaun LP-1548 Lighting Board


(4) LED 356 Par 56 fixtures
(5) Leko Source4 Jr.


(12) Par 64 Fixtures w/500 Watt MFL Lamps.


(12) Par 64 Fixtures w/500 Watt MFL Lamps. (6 ea. Stage Left/Right)


(2) Par 64 Fixtures w500 Watt MFL Lamps, (2) DJ Punch Pro LEDs (moveable)

(4) Chavuet 150 on white vertical scrim towers upstage. (1) 20" Mirror Ball with 2 LED 36 spots DMX controlled

(1) Hurricane Jr Water based Hazer DMX controlled

Map for band parking 

Map for Parking